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Case Study

Terra Nova, Phases 2B&C

To enable home charging for all units of this Terrebonne rental building, the developer, Groupe GDI, planned to install the necessary infrastructure before the building was even constructed. This approach simplified the planning of this infrastructure and saved time and money at all levels. The project benefited from the expertise of the engineering firm Desjardins Experts Conseils and the team at FJP Électrique Inc. for the skillfully executed installation.


Type of construction

new build

Type of occupancy


Building size

201 to 300 units

Number of floors

6 to 10

Number of parking spaces

201 to 300

Location of electricity meters

accessible from the parking spaces

Location of parking spaces

indoor, covered

Type of parking spaces




Powering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a multi-unit building where the electric meters are located in the garage basement (accessible).


To power a charging infrastructure for the 222 units of this condominium, a homogeneous solution was possible. Indeed, all meters are accessible, allowing the use of DCCs everywhere.

  • DCC-9-BOX, DCC-9-BOX3 et DCC-9-BOX6 to provide charging infrastructure without installing chargers right away
  • DCC-9 for units with an electrical panel of 125A and less wanting a charger now

“Groupe GDI worked with RVE to plan and design the electric car charging infrastructure for TerraNova2. RVE was a valuable partner in finding and executing a viable long-term strategy. RVE’s technology stands out for its flexibility, ease of installation and affordable price.”

Mathieu Lamarche
President and Founder of Groupe GDI

Charge Controller