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At RVE we recognize the importance of reducing greenhouse gases in North America. This is why our unique software and hardware technologies are low impact and low cost, creating an accessible solution for any electric driver’s home charging needs.


Founders Marie-Pier and David Corbeil encourage their team to grow professionally and prioritize their well-being, so that the differences made take place within the company and out in the world.

Our employees are responsible for our success. Together, we are succeeding in gradually transforming the EV home charging industry.

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Discover the RVE story

Our key moments

A Love for Electric Things

Early adopters of the electric vehicle, the Corbeil family became quick fans of the way an EV drives and for the potential it offers in the reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHGs). Being at the forefront also led David Corbeil and his father Pierre, both electricians in the family business, to see the challenges that home charging could bring about.

R&D and a Solution

Two years of research and development later, David and Pierre’s efforts to solve the problem led them to designing a prototype of a load shedding system.

RVE’s Beginnings

David and his sister Marie-Pier founded RVE and launched the Demand Charge Controller (DCC). Soon following, a partnership with Thermolec, a Montreal-based electrical manufacturer, was established. That same year, the siblings were awarded the first prize of the Pierre-Péladeau scholarship from Québecor, worth $50,000.

Growing Production

A provisional patent for the DCC was issued in Canada. The first hundred units were produced and RVE signed an agreement with the largest electrical distributor in Quebec, Lumen.

First Employees

The first employees were hired. RVE’s products were sent across Canada for distribution and first orders were filled in the United States.

100% Ready for Charging

The first multi-unit building was made 100% ready for electric vehicle charging thanks to products by RVE.

Helping More Than 500 Condo Units Charge

The permanent patent for the United States was issued. By this year, more than 500 condominiums benefited from RVE’s know-how and expertise in carrying out home charging projects.

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Murbly is Launched

Finally, the Canadian permanent patent was issued. The team, now made up of a dozen employees, launched the Murbly information platform on which free resources and tools aimed at facilitating the process of adapting a condo building for EV charging are made available.

Moving and Expanding

A big year for RVE, new product lines are developed and a partnership is established with Qmerit USA. To support the growth of the company’s activities and the number of employees, which doubled in one year, RVE moved to new offices.

Continued Growth

RVE establishes new departments and new positions are quickly formed. Organizational, digital, and process restructurings take place to accommodate the growth. Product sales expand across Canada and into more than 30 U.S. states.

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Our products are made in Canada, are UL and CSA certified, are authorized by Measurement Canada and guarantee you a simple and reliable charging experience.

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