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Splitter Box


Electric Vehicle Energy Management System
The DCC-BOX is a splitter box specifically designed to make a multi-unit residential building fully ready for electric vehicles at the lowest possible price.

Product Information

A proven solution since 2015 allowing to get buildings EV Ready
Ideal in multi-unit residential buildings (condos, apartments)
Minimum initial investment
Allows the connection of the main power supply and the charger’s power supply without having to install a charger right away
Several models available: DCC-9-BOX, DCC-9-BOX3, DCC-9-BOX6, DCC-11-BOX
For an outdoor installation: DCC-9-BOX-3R
CSA and UL listed
Made in Canada
The installation of the DCC-BOX, along with the necessary piping and cabling, makes it possible to plan the future installation of a charger in advance.

Each DCC-BOX model can be completed with the electronic component DCC-PCB-XXA to allow the connection of a charger (see example of a DCC-9-BOX below).

Suitable for small spaces with irregular configuration;
Can easily be added to the electrical rooms of buildings already built.
Simplifies large-scale installations;
Saves space and allows for a neat and tidy cable installation;
Allows for a more ergonomic installation for the electrician and minimizes the footprint.

See actual DCC-9-BOX, DCC-11-BOX, DCC-9-BOX3 and DCC-9-BOX6 installations in multi-unit residential buildings.

12 month warranty from date of delivery
Warranty limited to equipment and components supplied by Recharge Véhicule Électrique Inc. (see installation manual for details)

Installation Examples

Technical Documentation

Each DCC-BOX model can be completed with the electronic component DCC-PCB-XXA to allow the connection of charger(s) (see examples of a DCC-9-BOX and a DCC-9-BOX3 below).

The model shown above is the DCC-9-BOX.

The model shown above is the DCC-9-BOX3.

DCC-9-BOX : Current generation

DCC-9-BOX : Previous generations

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Where to buy

Our products are available through distributors across Canada, but do not hesitate to contact us directly for support in product selection. Our representatives are there to accompany you from the beginning to the end of your EV charging projects!