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DCC Application Types

Even though the DCC was originally developed for electric vehicle energy management, it can be used for other domestic loads.

Patented as an industrial load controller, the DCC can be connected to:

  • resistive loads up to 48A rated current (breaker: up to 60A)
  • inductive loads up to 40A rated current (breaker: up to 50A)

Energy Management

Load Shedding Done Right

As long as applicable electrical codes are respected and the system is installed by a certified professional, the DCC can be used for any indoor or outdoor, power heavy, non-essential or non-critical loads, with continuous or non continuous draws that fall within the amperage range indicated in our documentation.

Cost Savings

No panel upgrades

Save time AND money by opting for energy management rather than infrastructure updates. The DCC-12 enables the addition of any domestic load to an electrical panel in single-family homes which would otherwise not have sufficient capacity to allow the connection.

Outdoor load examples

Electrical patio heater
Snow melting systems
Hot tub
Solar panel

Indoor load examples

HVAC/AC/Heat pump
Steam shower*
Induction cooktop/Dual compressor refrigerator/Double ovens*

Configuration Diagrams

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Let our experts answer your questions

Other scenarios not pictured or mentioned here might also benefit from a DCC installation. Make sure to contact our team to learn more about the DCC’s other applications and see how the DCC can make your electrical installations easier and more profitable!

Where to buy

Our products are available through distributors across Canada, but do not hesitate to contact us directly for support in product selection. Our representatives are there to accompany you from the beginning to the end of your EV charging projects!