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Case Study

Outdoor DCC installation

This case study shows a DCC installation in a 7-unit building with outdoor electricity meters.

Technical Specifications

Type of construction

new build

Type of occupancy


Building size

25 units or less

Number of floors

5 or less

Number of parking spaces

25 or less

Location of electricity meters


Location of parking spaces

outdoors; possible wet conditions (rain/snow)

Type of parking spaces


Products Used


Powering an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in a multi-unit building where the electric meters are located outside (accessible), not adjacent to parking spaces and close to each other.

Challenges and solution

Since the meters are all installed outside and very close to each other, it was necessary to use a metal-covered mounting plate, to which all the DCCs were mounted, so as not to weaken the structure of the exterior wall.

In addition, as the parking spaces are not directly adjacent to the meters, each charging station is powered through an underground PVC conduit. Thanks to the mounting plate, all cables run directly to the DCCs and meters, without the need for connectors between the two, thus saving costs. The use of connectors would not have been possible due to the 3R certification for outdoor use of the DCC-9-3R.

The DCC-9-3Rs are therefore installed side by side to save space, no cables are visible, and the charging stations can be easily powered using underground conduits.

Pre-wiring for the DCCs


Installation extérieure de DCC-9-3R / Outdoor installation of DCC-9-3R
Mounting plate