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New updates and new savings to Quebec’s Roulez Vert EV program

Quebec’s primary incentive program, the Roulez Vert program, was recently updated to keep up with the demand of proposals submitted and EV market developments. Below you will find the most recent program changes.

Two parts to the incentive:

  • acquisition of a new or used electric vehicle
  • installation of charging equipment and stations at home, in multi-unit residential buildings or in the workplace*

*For installations relating to the workplace, please refer to the Roulez Vert program.

Current situation: 171 000 electric vehicles

Main program changes

Acquisition of a new or used electric vehicle

A maximum threshold of $65,000 MSRP (formerly $60,000) for a new electric vehicle to qualify for financial assistance.
An updated list of eligible vehicles.
The eligibility to purchase used vehicles that are 1 to 4 years in age (formerly 3 to 4 years in age) and removal of the criteria that used vehicles carry a new-vehicle warranty honored in Quebec.

Installation of charging equipment and stations in a home

There is a minimum payment of $600, excluding taxes, for the purchase and installation of charging equipment.
Financial assistance is available for renting charging stations on a contract at or longer than 36 months.

Installation of charging equipment and stations in multi-unit residential buildings

Eligible buildings now include MURBs with three or four units built before October 1st, 2018.
Eligible expenses now include:

    • Professional service fees for the design of charging solutions and for the preparation of plans and specifications;
    • The cost of acquiring a device or software to manage the energy consumed for vehicle charging;
    • The cost of permits required for installation work.
Increase in the maximum amount of financial assistance available per fiscal year and per type of eligible applicant and building.
Possibility for chargers to be used by visitors to the applicant if priority of access remains with residents.

DCC: a Roulez vert eligible product

The DCC by RVE, which has sales of over 12,000 units in Quebec alone, has been an eligible product offered through Roulez Vert since 2019.

The DCC can be used to adapt the infrastructure of a building to be EV ready, all without committing to a more permanent strategy when building residents may still not have an EV and/or are ready to install a charging station. At RVE we advocate for electrical infrastructure preparation for electric vehicles and the Roulez Vert changes align with this practical and cost-effective approach.

We also offer tools and guidance for EV readiness through our brand, Murbly

The summary expressed here is the interpretation of the author and is subject to human error. All accurate information can be found on the Roulez Vert program page.

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