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Smart Management Solution for Electric Vehicle Charging
The HUB is an electric vehicle energy management system (EVEMS) designed to protect critical components of a building’s electrical infrastructure through its monitoring and control functions. Its role is to protect the existing electrical infrastructure while increasing charging performance to enable optimal off-peak charging (usually at night) for all charging vehicles.

Product Information

Ideal in multi-unit residential buildings (condos, apartments) of 5 to 200 units
No recurring costs, monthly subscriptions or management fees for basic features¹
Dynamic control of EVEMS based on charging demand and energy consumption
Adjustment of phase balance to protect electrical equipment
Can protect electrical infrastructure at several levels simultaneously
Compatible with most charging stations and electric vehicles², and with all RVE EVEMS, present and future
Provides better visibility and management of peak demand thanks to the Connect data viewing portal
Field evaluated to model code SPE-100 by UL
Complies with Measurement Canada standards for electricity billing (per kWh) when connected to an SMP
Made in Canada

¹ No management fees for basic features. Fees may apply for premium features.

² It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that energy management by load shedding is compatible with all features of the make and model of the charging stations.

The HUB’s Monitoring mode enables real-time, simultaneous, multi-level monitoring of the electricity consumption of several components of the electrical infrastructure, to ensure its protection.
When the electrical infrastructure needs to be protected, the HUB executes a Control in addition to a Monitoring (see Monitoring and Control mode).
The Monitoring and Control mode includes all Monitoring functions.
In Monitoring and Control mode, the HUB is connected to DCCs and/or SMPs. It then becomes a full-fledged Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS), controlling energy as well as monitoring it.
Il protège ainsi l’infrastructure électrique en faisant une gestion d’énergie dynamique et intelligente basée sur la consommation réelle des bornes de recharge et sur la capacité électrique disponible des composantes de l’infrastructure.
the transformers or main service that supply the electricity meters do not have the capacity to supply an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for 100% of dwellings simultaneously;
you want to save the thousands of dollars required to replace existing transformers;
you want to protect and avoid overloading the existing electrical infrastructure.

Discover how this condominium was able to save nearly $500,000 and offer all its residents the essential service of a fully charged EV thanks to the HUB: Le Laurier

Internet connection required (minimum 1 Mbps upstream and downstream) to activate the manufacturer’s warranty;
Valid against defects in the built-in controls for one year from the date of delivery, provided that the HUB is connected to the Internet and can be accessed remotely;
Limited to the equipment and components supplied by RVE Inc;
The installer of the HUB is responsible for providing after-sales service to the end customer and for on-site visits if necessary.

Installation Examples

Possible Configurations

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