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Electric vehicles in multi-unit buildings: calculating how many can be plugged in

To determine whether a building has the available capacity to supply all the charging stations required for the electrification of parking spaces, a load calculation must be carried out on the building’s existing electrical infrastructure.

This load calculation is therefore the first step in designing a charging strategy for a multi-unit building.

There are different methods available to carry out this load calculation: one method uses nominal data (section 8 of the Quebec Electrical Code), the other uses measured data (art. 8-106 8 of the Quebec Electrical Code). Read the article published in the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ) E2Q magazine to understand these different methods and how to apply them.


Setting up a charging strategy for multi-unit buildings

Our Murbly information platform provides free support for condo owners, managers and syndicates throughout the process of developing a charging strategy for multi-unit buildings.