David Corbeil

CEO and Co-Founder

David Corbeil founded RVE in 2015 with the rise of electric vehicles, cognizant of the energy demands that would result in their wake. His development of the patented DCC Electric product line solves major electrical infrastructure constraints faced by utilities and grid operators. Motivated in establishing affordable and viable residential electric vehicle charging in densely populated areas, David – along with sibling, Marie-Pier Corbeil – founded A resource for those in multi-unit residential buildings. David works closely with Electric Mobility Canada, is a board member for the Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec (AVEQ) and a technical instructor with the Master Electricians’ Association of Quebec (CMEQ).


Marie-Pier Corbeil

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Marie-Pier Corbeil, co-founder and COO of RVE, has over a decade of Service Design experience across the academic field and electrical industry. She has developed a proven method for the addition of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in multi-unit residential dwellings, ameliorating the process as new markets gain interest in electric vehicles. Marie-Pier leads the consumer-facing educational arm, All resources, templates, and roadmaps are provided free-of-charge in an effort to promote widespread electric vehicle adoption. She holds a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Concordia University.


Linda Laliberté

Director of Finance

Linda Laliberté is the Director of Finance for RVE. She began her career in the banking industry, later shifting to what was then a small company within the construction industry. Thirty years later that company is thriving, having pivoted with the rise of electric vehicles. Linda has amassed an unparalleled expertise that has guided RVE into both the Canadian and American markets. Her understanding of a deeply traditional industry has allowed for accelerated growth and she continues to ensure that the teams have the required resources for the most impact.

Léo Viger-Bernard

Sales Director

Leo bridges today’s technical constraints with future electric vehicle infrastructure needs for the residential construction industry. With more than fifteen years of sales and business development experience, Leo has developed a client-centric approach that instills confidence for the rapidly flourishing sector. He and his team connect different departments and help them align on a strategy best suited for the project, no matter the constraints. His role is vital in the evolution of sustainable transport, ensuring that future homes protect the grid as energy needs rise. Guided by his strong analytical mindset, Leo is quick to consider alternative approaches or techniques when faced with a new scenario or constraint. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from the École des sciences de la gestion in Montreal.


Tatiana Ramirez

Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Tatiana joined the team in 2018 with great ambition to support sustainable transport. She brings to light our evolving technology, solutions and expertise.  She has over ten years experience in the luxury goods sector and five within the electric vehicle space, notably for a manufacturer. She strives to bring a fresh perspective to a traditional industry and bring the company’s voice across North America.


Stéphanie Savard

Graphic Designer

Stephanie joined RVE during her studies at U.Q.A.M. for Graphic Design.  She brings the technicalities across the electrical industry to life, making them easy to understand and functional. Fundamentally Stephanie strives for purpose through her work emphasising the user experience and understanding over surface aesthetics. Her design can be seen across the RVE hardware line,, and the Arrondissement de Mercier Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Congrats Stéphanie and the 2020 Graduating Class!



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