David Corbeil

CEO and Co-Founder

David Corbeil co-founded RVE in 2015, cognizant of the energy demands that would result in the wake of electric vehicles. His development of the patented DCC Electric product line solves major electrical infrastructure constraints. Motivated in establishing affordable and viable residential electric vehicle charging in densely populated areas, David – along with sibling, Marie-Pier Corbeil – founded A resource for those in multi-unit residential buildings.

David is a board member for the Electric Vehicle Association of Quebec (AVEQ) and a technical instructor with the Master Electricians’ Association of Quebec (CMEQ).


Marie-Pier Corbeil

COO and Co-Founder

Marie-Pier Corbeil, has over a decade of Service Design experience in the academic field and electrical industry.

Thanks to her great analytical and organizational capacities, she has developed a proven method for the addition of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in multi-unit residential dwellings. Marie-Pier leads the consumer-facing educational arm, All resources, templates, and roadmaps are provided free-of-charge in an effort to promote widespread electric vehicle adoption. She holds a Master of Arts in Educational Technology from Concordia University and is a mentor for the online course and community Building a Second Brain.


Linda Laliberté

Finance Director

Linda began her career in the banking industry, later shifting to a company within the construction industry. She has now been working for 30 years in this company specializing in the installation of electric vehicle chargers and has been RVE’s Finance Director since 2015 where her understanding of the industry has allowed for accelerated growth. She continues to ensure the well-being of the employees, ensures business continuity and makes sure that the teams have the necessary resources to maintain this growth.

Thomas Foerster

Innovation and Product Development Project Manager

Passionate about technologies and the environment, Thomas joined the RVE team in April 2021 to ensure that all of the company’s current or future products follow technological advances, regulations and electric vehicles users’ needs. His studies in Electrical Engineering at Concordia University allow him to evolve in the field of energy management and charging technologies, building automation, Internet of Things (IoT) and power electronics.


Marie-Ève Amyot

Administrative Assistant

At the heart of the company’s operations, Marie-Ève’s role is to oversee shipping as well as manage invoicing and follow-up on accounts receivable. She also provides technical support to the entire team in addition to managing administrative files. Her proactivity and rigor are essential for the proper functioning of the company’s activities.
With a bachelor’s degree in Career Development from UQAM, Marie-Ève previously worked in the field of employability and educational and professional information, which makes her an attentive and insightful person.

Pascale Décarie

Human Ressources Consultant

Pascale joined RVE back in 2015 to help the fledgling company on various levels. Her then multiple tasks and duties eventually became clearer and she now works as a human resources consultant. She is also involved in the hiring process of the company.

Pascale has a minor in psychology and studied osteopathy, the profession in which she mainly works. Passionate about the biomechanics of the human body, she is currently doing a master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal.

Barbara Schaper

Digital Marketing Project Manager

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration – Marketing as well as a master’s degree in Management – Business Intelligence from HEC Montréal, Barbara has helped more than twenty Quebec companies to implement new technologies, thus allowing them to reduce their costs and improve the fluidity of their digital shift. Enterprising and dynamic, Barbara has been part of the RVE team since March 2021, where she develops digital strategies and optimizes automation marketing and information management processes. She is also responsible for the analysis and modelling of the data collected within the company.


Stephanie Coïa

Communications and Public Relations Advisor

With RVE since March 2021, Stephanie is in charge of internal and external communications, public relations as well as the image and positioning of RVE and it’s brands. Due to her particular interest in the development of the company’s organizational culture, she also acts as an advisor for RVE’s human resources strategy. 

Between her work and her love of the outdoors, she also finds time to volunteer with animals in need.

Stephanie graduated from ESG UQAM in Marketing Communication.


Emma Turcotte-Tremblay

Communications Assistant – Editor and Translator

Holding a bachelor’s degree in French-Language Literature and Linguistics from UdeM, Emma is responsible for revising and translating the textual content developed by RVE and its brands and does some of the research related to it.

Versatile and resourceful, she also handles communications and customer service tasks and manages some administrative files. Emma joined the RVE team in June 2019 and her position took more and more shape as the business needs grew.

Geneviève Dargis

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, Geneviève’s job is to ensure the consistency of the company’s different brand images through the development of promotional and informative material. She also brings to life the technicalities of the electrical industry, making it easier to understand while making everything functional.

Her studies in graphic design first led her to work in a telecommunications corporation where she acted as a strategy manager, before joining RVE in August 2021.


Léo Viger-Bernard

Sales Director

As Sales Director, Léo coordinates his team and supervises the interactions with the numerous customers of the company. He is also involved in product development.

With more than fifteen years of sales and business development experience, Leo has developed a client-centric approach which allows him to find the right solution for every client’s needs.

He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from ESG UQAM.


Charles-Antoine Lalande

EV Charging Specialist

Charles-Antoine is responsible for prospecting for new real estate projects that require a charging solution for electric vehicles. He makes sure to make the right contacts and plans meetings towards the establishment of business relations. With RVE since January 2021, he is also studying at ESG UQAM where he is doing a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Charles-Antoine has great interpersonal skills and loves to get involved as much in his work as in the social events of the company.


Erik Hoeu

EV Charging Specialist 

Erik joined the sales team in July 2021 to strengthen the last link of the company’s sales chain. He works hand in hand with his colleagues when dealing with clients such as property managers, engineers and electrical contractors. Having a college degree in Business Management and currently studying at ESG where he is doing a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he also takes part in some RVE marketing projects.

His patience and great listening skills make Erik an asset in both his professional and personal life.


Samuel Desabrais

EV Charging Specialist

As the members of the sales team work in a complementary fashion, Samuel’s role is at the very end of the sales process : he is responsible for concluding the agreements with the various customers. He is also the one to address for any inquiry about industry products specifications.

A sports enthusiast, he is as involved in his passions as in his work.

Samuel is currently a student at ESG UQAM, where he is doing a bachelor’s degree in business administration.


Marie-Claude Brault

EV Charging Specialist

With several years of sales experience under her belt, Marie-Claude joins the RVE sales team as an on-the-road EV Charging Specialist. Her role is to introduce the company and its technology solutions to potential customers as well as to solidify relationships with active customers by visiting them on site. In this way, she contributes to introducing RVE to new fields of expertise.

Marie-Claude is a graduate of ESG UQAM in communication-marketing.


William Lemay-Choquette

EV Charging Advisor 

As an EV Charging Advisor, William’s role is to support condo boards in their charging infrastructure installation project. He works alongside the members of the boards of directors in order to advise them on an approach to adopt for the implementation of the project according to the reality and issues specific to each building.

Having been a property manager himself, William uses his knowledge in this field in his role at RVE. He also studied at ESG in finance and real estate.


Job Opening

EV Charging Specialist 

Under the supervision of the Regional Director, the EV Charging Specialist offers support to the various stakeholders of a project to prepare an existing building for the installation of charging unfrastructure for electric vehicles (multi-unit, condo, etc.).

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Job Opening

Sales Director – EV Charging

Under the supervision of the Chief Executive Officer, the Sales Director – Charging Solutions for Electric Vehicles plays a central role in the management, development and implementation of the sales strategy.

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