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Smart Control Panel


Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS)
The SMP smart control panel is an electric vehicle energy management system specially designed to charge multiple electric vehicles from the same power source whose capacity is limited.

Product Information

Ideal for multi-family homes (condos, rental properties)
Quarterly usage reports issued to allow for billing of the electricity consumption of each electric vehicle
Allows kWh billing of each vehicle’s electricity consumption*
Compatible with all brands of cars, charging stations and electrical panels
eSafe certified: an RBQ-authorized organization
NEMA-4 enclosure
Measurement Canada certified
Made in Canada
Monitors the total current draw of the distribution panel as vehicles are being connected to ensure that the configured amperage per phase set point is never exceeded;
If the set point is reached, the SMP progressively disconnects vehicles based on charging time, protecting the existing infrastructure by redistributing the available energy to multiple vehicles on a rotating basis;
 Disconnected charging stations are reconnected to resume charging once demand decreases.
The electricity meters of the units are inaccessible from the parking spaces;
The building has a single electricity meter;
Parking spaces are not assigned to specific units.
Internet connection required (minimum 1 Mbps upstream and downstream) to access the panel’s power consumption reports and activate the manufacturer’s warranty;
Valid against defects in the built-in controls for one year from the date of delivery, provided that the panel is connected to the Internet and can be accessed remotely;
Limited to the equipment and components supplied by RVE Inc;
The installer of the panel is responsible for providing after-sales service to the end customer and for on-site visits if necessary.

Installation Examples

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