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Simplify EV charging billing with the SMP by RVE and AXSO’s billing module

We are excited to announce a major breakthrough in electric vehicle charging billing management: the integration of RVE’s SMP energy management and metering system with AXSO‘s billing module.

The role of RVE’s SMP

RVE has developed the SMP, a Measurement Canada-certified product specially designed to efficiently manage the energy consumption of charging stations powered by a common source, and to provide an accurate reading of each station’s consumption. Thanks to its certification, the SMP makes it possible to implement a fair billing method.

Why a billing module?

In some buildings, it is not possible to use the standard method of powering a charging station, i.e. simply drawing electricity from the infrastructure of each dwelling via the DCC, because there are no individual electricity meters, or they are not accessible. In these contexts, it is necessary to supply charging stations from a shared power source, which means setting up a billing method that requires additional management. Axso’s billing module simplifies and automates this essential billing process.

What’s new: SMP & Axso’s billing module integration

To ensure fair billing, RVE offers a free quarterly consumption report service to help managers bill the electricity consumed by each charging station. This service is still available and free of charge. However, to further ease the daily task of site managers, we are proud to introduce the option of billing automation via this billing module.

Using the billing module, site managers can:

Create an account and configure the details of their building;
Invite charging station users to create their own account and enter their billing information;
Configure the billing module to automate charging fees, based on accurate data provided by SMP, and include a flat fee for the service subscription;
Automatically receive user payments directly into their bank account.

Contact us for more information

To find out more about SMP and how you can leverage Axso’s billing module to simplify and automate your billing management, please contact us. Our experts are here to support and advise you at every stage of your project planning.

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