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A holiday season of generosity at RVE

While RVE’s mission is focused on a very specific industry – home charging of electric vehicles – we’re also committed to getting involved in other areas of our community, especially during the holiday season, which can be a difficult time for some.

Addressing food insecurity in Laval

Every year, RVE takes part in the Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval’s Christmas Hamper campaign, collecting non-perishable food supplies for food-insecure families. This 39th Moisson Laval campaign is characterized by “the urgency of food insecurity [which] is more pressing than ever, with worrying signs of an increase in the demand for food aid¹“. To find out more about the Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval, whose mission extends beyond this Christmas Hamper campaign, read the 2022-2023 activity report.

RVE collected 132 kg of donations this year, more than last year but certainly less than next year. We’re proud to know that our contribution will help fill the 2,500 or so baskets donated each year.

Supporting vulnerable women with Chez Doris

For the first time this year, RVE also organized a collection of goods for the Chez Doris women’s day shelter in Montreal. Since 1977, this shelter has provided accommodation, food, clothing and comfort, among other things, to over 1,500 vulnerable women in precarious situations².

The RVE team collected over 20 bags of clothing and hygiene products, which will be redistributed by the organization. Some members of the team were also able to visit the shelter’s premises to learn more about the realities and difficulties experienced by these women, and to see the wide range of services offered by Chez Doris to support these women and make them more independent.

Getting involved in our community

As a Quebec-based company, RVE believes it’s crucial to get involved in our community. Each team member is eager to do his or her part to give back, and group drives are one of the many ways you can get involved and show your generosity. This holiday season, RVE encourages you to be attentive, inclusive and compassionate towards others, and wishes you a very happy holiday season!

Our Team

A versatile team

At RVE, we consider our employees to be the key to the company’s success. Each team member is unique and plays a specific role in achieving RVE’s mission. Get to know them and find out what that role is!

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