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EV Charging in multi-unit residential buildings: choosing the right system

Products on the home charging market

When determining which charging solution will make it possible to install charging stations in the parking spaces of a multi-residential building, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each of the solutions available on the market. Indeed, the needs of building X may be quite different from those of building Y, and so the appropriate solution for each of these buildings may also be different.

The comparison table below identifies the main “families” of products on today’s charging market, and their respective characteristics. Discover them now.

Types of power sharing

A few clarifications

Sharing at the dwelling level

private solution, no sharing with the neighbors
smart dynamic sharing (i.e. based on the actual amperage of the charger and the consumption of the dwelling)

Sharing at the smart panel/building level

three-phase sharing
large sharing group
more diversity
smart dynamic sharing (i.e. based on the actual amperage consumed by each vehicle)

Sharing at the breaker level

single-phase sharing
very small sharing group
very little diversity
non-smart dynamic sharing (i.e. based on the number of vehicles, regardless of the actual amperage)

The advantages of the RVE Solution

Why choose the RVE Solution when it comes to installing EV chargers in multi-unit residential buildings?

Means choosing security:

  • Local, stand-alone software
  • Safe and independent wired connection
Choosing cost savings:

  • No recurring, management or billing expenses
  • Software not dependent on a wireless connection (save on Wi-Fi and repeater costs!)
And choosing the best charging experience:

  • Automatic billing to the user’s electricity account (charge controller) and simplified billing (smart panel)
  • Large three-phase sharing group for more diversity
  • Future-proof

The RVE products

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