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An accelerated mission for 2024: Safer and more efficient charging for all residential buildings

Long-time fans of the DCC know that RVE always thinks ahead

RVE had several major announcements for 2024, a surprise that was revealed at a recent Innovation Night on December 5th to some of the loyal partners, electricians, engineers and electrification transportation advocates that we are inspired by. For details on these announcements and highlights from the event, read on.

New Products and New Services for an Electric Future

What’s in store for RVE (and you!) in 2024? Two new products for even safer and more efficient electric vehicle charging management:

The SMP Generation 1.5

A smart metering panel designed to recharge multiple electric vehicles from a single powersource when energy capacity is limited. Currently being sold throughout Canada.

Measurement Canada certified measurement of the energy used by each circuit, ensuring fair charging at accurate rates;
Optimizes power consumption of electric vehicles to minimize overall power demand and to respect available energy capacity;
Modular and compact format that makes for a simplified and flexible installation.

See how the SMP made these high-rise condos EV ready.

For more information about the SMP, contact us at

SMP Gen 1.5



An electric vehicle energy management system specifically designed to protect the electrical infrastructure in a building, in real-time, efficiently, and to fairly distribute the available power to the electric vehicles.
Currently on a limited release of 150 units in 2024.

Makes controlling and monitoring the energy capacity and the effect that electric vehicles may have on infrastructure possible for up to 6 transformers;
Streamlines how energy capacity is observed and recorded, making energy audits precise and immediate;
Takes place in real-time and using wired, uninterrupted, and safe methods;
Can be adapted to multiple configurations and needs for a flexible installation;
A money-saving alternative to upgrading transformers and the electrical service entrance.

If you’d like to be the first to know how the HUB develops,  fill out this form

Case studies illustrating actual HUB installations are soon to be released. Stay tuned!

A new service courtesy of a partnership between Murbly and Hydro-Quebec

Murbly’s Energy Audits

The Murbly Energy Capacity Service, courtesy of a collaboration between Murbly and Hydro Quebec, will give a condo or apartment representative access to real electricity capacity data for a residential building. Currently only offered to the province of Quebec.

The service helps streamline the installation of electric vehicle charging stations and includes:

  • Consultation, a comprehensive report, and accompanying videos;
  • A real account of the energy capacity of the building, thanks to the data provided by Hydro Quebec;
  • A recommendation for how many charging stations can be added to existing infrastructure.

For all additional details and a summary of this partnership, contact Murbly directly.

The presentation in video

Watch David Corbeil, from RVE, and William Lemay-Choquette, from Murbly, explain the latest developments at RVE and Murbly: new products, the SMP Generation 1.5 and the HUB, and a new service, the energy capacity studies (30 minutes, in French only).

00:00 – Introduction | 03:43 – News from RVE | 05:20 – Québec’s Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy | 09:00 – The RVE solution and presentation of upcoming new products | 21:03 – Launch and precommercialization | 24:27 – Energy Capacity Studies by Murbly

The evening in pictures

We would like to thank our dear friends and partners for coming out to show their support because it is through the collaboration of forward-thinking minds in the industry that RVE is able to work towards its own mission of transforming the home charging industry.

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Case Studies

More than 15,000 EVEMS installations in MURBS across Canada

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