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Our mission is to transform residential electric vehicle charging industry

We have developed a unique expertise for multi-unit residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure

RVE designs the DCC Electric product line that allows electric vehicle charging installations where the installation would otherwise be costly or technically impossible.

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RVE operates, a platform to help owners in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs) achieve electric vehicle charging and take advantage of the tools and programs at their disposal.

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RVE develops innovative solutions accelerating access to residential electric vehicle charging. The team, present across Canada and in over 25 US states, is dedicated to deploying electrification strategies for new and existing builds.

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In recent years governments globally have adopted Transport Electrification Plans in response to global warming. Several of these plans have a common objective: to significantly increase the number of electric vehicles on the road.

EV’s charge while parked, and this charging is primarily happening at home in a private parking space. A charging station installation is dependent on the existing electrical infrastructure – which in many cases is not ideal.

In Canada and the United States, approximately 5% of homes and 70% of multi-unit residential buildings do not have the sufficient energy capacity to power a Level 2 electric vehicle charger.


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